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Managed Services

Managed Services

24/7 Support to Keep You Always On

As a total infrastructure solution, Immedion offers a variety of Managed Services designed to support your infrastructure. Whether you need additional support for your servers in our cloud or data centers or for your virtual machines, Immedion’s backup, security and storage services can help. (If you need a more traditional Managed Services solution, please visit IMS Solutions Group, Immedion’s Managed Services Division.)

Let Us Help You


Immedion's backup service is scalable, configurable and highly reliable, ensuring your organization's mission-critical data and applications are constantly protected and retained, whether you need file, web, application, database or operating system backups. For more information, visit our backup page.


Cyberattacks are evolving, becoming more difficult than ever before to prevent, detect and remediate – and it only takes one exposed vulnerability for a cyberattack to wreak havoc on an entire company. Immedion’s Next Gen Firewall and SOC+SIEM are key pieces of a robust security solution designed to protect you. For more information, visit our security page.


Whether you’re looking to store the data you use and create on a daily basis (e.g. applications) or you need to store archival data and large format files, Immedion can help. Our solutions architects will work closely with you to identify the solution that will work best for you and to set it up so that accessing it is easy and cost-effective. For more information, visit our storage page.

Need Something More?

For clients that need a more robust Managed Services solution, Immedion recommends IMS Solutions Group, Immedion’s Managed Services Division. With services including Strategic Support, Endpoint Management, Microsoft Support, Service Desk and more, IMS Solutions Group offers the full range of Managed Services. What’s more, their services are designed to help companies of all sizes, whether you need full IT support or simply need a hand augmenting your IT team.