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Office 365 Backups

Hosted Offsite Backups in the Immedion Cloud

Many companies are surprised to discover that their Office 365 data isn’t truly protected. Office 365 was not built to provide data protection services, leaving you vulnerable to accidental deletion, retention policy gaps, internal security threats and more. Adopting Office 365 without enterprise-grade backup is a risky strategy.

That’s why Immedion has partnered with Veeam to offer a comprehensive backup solution that helps protect all of your Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data. By backing up your data to Immedion’s Always On cloud, your data – down to individual Office 365 items and files – can be recovered quickly, easily and reliably, 24/7/365.

Managed Backups & Restores

Immedion will provide everything you need to capture and maintain your backups. This includes helping you determine a backup schedule that works for you, enacting that schedule and ensuring that it is functioning properly. Our trained and certified support techs are available 24/7/365 to assist with any testing, maintenance or recovery, and we monitor your backups to ensure that there are no issues. Above all, our 24/7/365 support means that if you need to restore your data, you’ll be able to do so quickly and painlessly.

  • Choose from flexible data growth and retention options
  • Quickly scale from one to thousands of users
  • Know your data is encrypted, protected and always available
  • Quickly search and granularly recover individual items
  • Restore from Office 365 backup more than 25 different ways

The Immedion Cloud

Immedion couples flexibility and security with best-in-class infrastructure for an ultra-reliable, high-performance cloud that is more than up to the task of storing your backups in a safe yet accessible manner: all data is encrypted end-to-end, and we make managing your data easy with cloud management tools and access to our technical experts.