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Always On Security.

Security is critical to your business’s bottom line and to its reputation. But cyberattacks are evolving, becoming more difficult than ever before to prevent, detect and remediate – and it only takes one exposed vulnerability for a cyberattack to wreak havoc on an entire company.

Immedion’s security solutions are designed to prevent attacks as much as possible and to help you discover and recover from any attacks that do occur. Our comprehensive services and expertise help you handle your security needs with confidence.

Which Levels of Security Do You Need?

Security Basics

The very least you should do to protect your company is to install an antivirus and basic firewall, and to make sure you are applying security patches that apply to your hardware and software. Not only can Immedion can help you choose the system that is best for you, we can take on the burden of managing your patching and maintenance schedule to ensure that your systems stay up-to-date and uncompromised.

Next Gen Firewall

Immedion’s Next Generation Firewall offers security and visibility that goes well beyond that of a standard firewall to help protect your network and data with minimal effort on your part. Learn more about Immedion's Next Gen Firewall.

Managed Security

According to the Ponemon Institute, companies average more than 250 days to detect and contain a data breach. Immedion’s Managed Security is designed to help detect and defend against malicious actors much more quickly, helping you minimize damage. Learn more about Managed Security.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive suite of security services that can be tailored to meet your needs
  • Regular reporting so you can remain informed on your company’s security status
  • Quick discovery of and recovery from any attacks that do occur
  • Ability to withstand the constantly evolving threat landscape to maintain network health
  • Enhanced security posture at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house security professionals

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