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Managed Security

Security Information and Event Management + Security Operations Center.

If a malicious attack gets onto your network, you need to detect and remediate it as soon as possible. A reactive solution like Immedion’s Managed Security stops the spread of the attack and minimizes damage, helping you recover more quickly and easily.

We accomplish this by pairing advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology with a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC). The former flags when a potential issue occurs while the highly-trained security technicians of the latter interpret the issues and alert you to critical threats and suspicious activity.

Unfortunately, maintaining a security solution like this on your own can be incredibly costly. Building and staffing a SOC requires investments in a broad range of security and network technology, and cyber security professionals are in high demand. Immedion’s Managed Security gives you the same features and support as a dedicated SOC at a fraction of the cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Managed SIEM + SOC at a highly competitive price point
  • Technical experts that will work to learn your network’s traffic and intelligently alert on suspicious activity
  • Reduced time between infection, detection and response
  • Periodic security reports
  • Compliance with key portions of PCI and HIPAA guidelines

Use Cases

  • Prevent security breaches
  • Increase compliance and security
  • Receive HIPAA, PCI and NIST compliance options

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