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Efficient Storage for Your Workloads.

Storage requirements grow and change, and you need a storage solution that you can rely on as your needs evolve. Our engineers will work with you from day one to determine your storage needs and ensure that any workloads hosted in the Immedion Cloud will be Always On. Our ultimate priority is delivering the high-quality capabilities, performance and support our clients need and have come to expect from us.

Which Storage Solution is Right for You?

Cloud Storage

Immedion’s storage offerings ensure the best possible performance for your workloads and applications hosted in the cloud, whether you need our standard storage (ideal for small to medium workloads) or our performance storage (able to support the highest workloads, like database applications). No matter what, your cloud storage will come with SSD storage and will be ultra-reliable and lightning fast.

Immedion’s Cloud management tool allows the segmenting and assigning of storage tiers for various workloads within a virtual machine. This allows you to only utilize the type of storage best suited for your needs, saving you money and ensuring optimal efficiency.

Object Storage

As data needs increase, traditional storage methods can become cumbersome and costly. Immedion's Object Storage allows businesses to store large amounts of data for long periods of time. This makes it ideal for storing backups, log files, large sets of historical data, archived files and unstructured data like images, videos and music.

With Immedion's Object Storage, your data receives added protection against failures. Stored objects are encoded using erasure coding to prevent the loss of data due to system failure, are versioned to avoid accidentally deleting or overwriting files and are replicated to our geo-diverse data centers separated by hundreds of miles.

Features & Benefits

  • Storage management options that fit your needs – DIY or with help from Immedion’s cloud engineers
  • Resources customized to your storage environment for max performance
  • 24/7/365 support with access to our team of highly skilled and certified technical experts

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