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Efficient Storage for Your Workloads

Immedion’s storage offerings ensure the best possible performance for your workloads and applications hosted in the Cloud. Our engineers will work with you from day one to determine your storage needs. We guarantee the performance and reliability necessary for your workloads hosted in Immedion’s Cloud. Our ultimate priority is delivering the Always On capability, performance and support our customers need.

Gain Efficiency with Customization and Storage Tier Segmentation

Immedion’s Cloud management tool allows the segmenting and assigning of storage tiers for various workloads within a virtual machine. This allows you to only utilize the type of storage best suited for your needs, saving you money and ensuring optimal efficiency. Of course, our engineers are happy to assist in any way you need with as much or as little management as you’d prefer.

Immedion’s Standard Storage

  • SSD storage
  • Ultra-reliable
  • Lightning fast
  • IO limits to support small to medium sized workloads
  • Optimal for 80-90% of virtual machine workloads

Immedion’s Performance Storage

  • SSD storage
  • Ultra-reliable
  • Lightning fast
  • No IO limits to support even the highest performing workloads, such as a large database application
  • Customization available to accommodate extremely high demand work loads

Immedion’s General Purpose Storage

  • Recommended for non-production environments
  • Typically used for archiving, backups and disaster recovery

Benefits of Immedion's Data Storage Services

Why choose Immedion for your storage needs? When you work with us you’ll get the attention and care you’d expect from a local provider with all the capabilities of a national managed services company. We work as an extension of your IT department as well as handle full IT services if no internal resources exist. We handle the day-to-day, so you can focus on your strategic goals.

As a preferred local provider, Immedion has locations in Spartanburg, SC, Greenville, SC, Columbia, SCCharleston, SC, Downtown Cincinnati, Eastgate Cincinnati, Asheville, NC and Columbus, IN. Our company additionally offers a full suite of managed IT services, including specialties in IT Support Services, Data Backup, Always On Data Management Services and more. 

Ready to get the support you need for secure data storage? Request a free managed services consultation today to see how we can help your company!