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Data Center Checklist

When considering Colocation (also known as Colo Data Center), it is important to keep several best practices in mind. This evaluation and data center selection checklist contains key factors to look for in a data center provider as you work through the selection process. Examples include the physical security and controls from a data center and its location(s), data center accessibility and environment, and the added support from expert technical staff. Use our Data Center Evaluation Checklist to help you in your selection process.

Data Center Checklist ImageTopics included in Data Center Worksheet:

  • Proven Industry Experience
  • Data Center Certification/Audits/Controls
  • Data Center Location
  • Data Center Security
  • Data Center Features
  • Data Center Network
  • Data Center Environment
  • 24/7/365 On-site Staff
  • Account Management Tools
  • Extra Amenities
  • Straightforward Pricing Policies
  • Access to Optional Managed Services

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Criteria for Evaluation of Data Center Providers

Evaluation and selection of Data Center Providers and outsourcing can be a challenge, that's where this guide will help you in making the decision as you compare colo data center vendors. Choosing the right data center provider is imperative to your business's data being secure and help you choose the right vendor the first time. Having this downloadable PDF checklist will give you the tools you need to make comparisons between vendors

This best practice checklist will also help you evaluate existing vendors to ensure they are able to grow with you as your business grows. 

Colocation Definition

Colocation data center can be shortened to colo as a term commonly used by IT professionals. A colo refers to large data centers that rent space on servers to businesses who need the benefits of enterprise-level data security but don't have the resources to store and manage their own servers.

The advantage of Immedion’s enterprise-class colocation facilities is maintaining control and ownership of your business data and assets while gaining access to the Immedion staff’s broad range of IT expertise, all delivered from multiple SOC compliant data centers

About Immedion's Data Centers

Data Chart

We have eight data center locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Indiana. Immedion guarantees its customers, whether a one-person IT shop or a multi-national corporation, the highest levels of support, uptime and data security. Immedion’s eight data center facilities offer cutting edge technologies designed to keep your data and systems secure. We treat your data and systems like they’re our own – ensuring they’re safe, secure and accessible 24/7/365. Should an issue arise, we’ll resolve it quickly, no matter what. That’s our promise.